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Laminated Paper Airplane: G-4

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If you’re interested in the G-4 glider, you might also like some of my newer designs.

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Here are plans for a laminated paper airplane: the G-4 glider.

If you haven’t built one of these before, I would suggest that you start with the simpler G-1 glider. It has simpler wings which are easier to assemble. Also, that page explains some construction tips that I won’t bother to repeat here. After you’ve build a G-1, the G-4 will be very similar. The main difference is longer wings with small winglets at the end.

You don’t necessarily have to stick to the plans. If you want to experiment, here are some simple modifications you might try:

Once you’ve built a plane, find a large outdoor area to fly it, because these planes can fly a long way. Even in a decent-sized yard it often goes over the fence into the neighbor’s yard. An empty softball field works well. Check here for tips on tuning and flying your plane.

Download G-4 plans (rev. 2):