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I want to love my work. To this end, I’m pursuing a career in software engineering. I want:


Strong in:
Java, Javascript, Python, Mercurial, explaining technical subjects, talking with customers

Acquainted with:
C/C++, Django, Gtk2, Ruby, Rails, GWT, PHP, Perl, Apache, MySQL, XML, Subversion, Perforce

Proficient with Windows, Linux, and OS X. Administered both Windows and Linux.

Also drawing, photography, flying (licensed private pilot), creating games, biking (mountain and road), making cheese, backpacking, telemark skiing, backpacking while telemark skiing (yes, sleeping in the snow), snowboarding, scuba diving (PADI advanced open-water license), gardening, running, hiking, chocolate making, amateur radio operator (Technician class, KF6WCH)

Professional Experience

Senior Software Engineer
Google - Doodles
July 2012 – Now

Maintained the infrastructure & tools used to change the logo on Google's home page (aka "Google doodles"). Developed interactive doodles. Built and maintained libraries to make it easier to create interactive doodles.

Main engineer for:

Helped with: Google - Developer Infrastructure
January 2007 – June 2012

Built and maintained a Google-scale continuous integration system: Technical team lead for a year and a half.
more details on the system.

Senior Software Engineer
R2 Technology, a Hologic Company
March 2002 – January 2007

Rewrote the UI on our flagship product using C++, Gtk2.
Served as project technical lead.
Developed the cross-platform licensing system used across all our products, using hardware dongles and encrypted XML.
Helped create web-based configuration tools with Apache and Perl.
Maintained & provided support for engineering servers and tools:

Software Engineer
MicroLab Inc.
September 2000 – March 2002

Helped develop user interface for chemistry lab instrumentation, using C++ and MFC.
Implemented several key elements of user interface, including on-the-fly reorganizing of views.

Computer Lab Administrator
Pacific Union College Department of Computer Science, Math, & Physics
June 1997 – June 2001

In charge of four computer labs in the department.
Handled extensive upgrade of the labs. Installed new workstations, server, switched from Windows NT to 2000, integrated with campus-wide Active Directory network.

Computer Technician
Pacific Union College
June 2000 – December 2000

Part of the team that provided computer support to the entire campus. We were responsible for software, hardware, networking, and end-user support.

Computer Support
Pacific Union College Library
June 1997 – June 2000

Maintained lab and office computers in the library, network hardware, and provided technical support for library staff and patrons.

Open Source Experience

Wrote a tutorial explaining how to export 3D models from Blender to Panda3D’s .egg format, including skeletal animations and UV texture coordinates.
Wrote Linux portion of Ogre’s Humble Beginnings tutorial.
Answered questions in the forums/mailing lists for Panda3D, Ogre, and Blosxom.

Presented Apple’s XCode at the Bay Piggies Python User Group. Material can be found here.

Submitted patches for Ogre and Time::ParseDate
Wrote several new plugins for Blosxom. Updated existing timezone plugin.


Pacific Union College
Bachelor of Science, Computer Science. June 2001
Overall GPA of 3.87