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High Performance Paper Airplanes: G-1

New Designs!

If you’re interested in the G-1 glider, you might also like some of my newer designs.

Paper Glider Paper Glider

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I’ve played around with laminated paper airplanes some and now that I have a webpage I can finally post some of my designs for download. This is a pretty cheap hobby. The plans are free and you just cut them out and glue them together. The only thing most people won’t already have around the house is heavy paper.

This isn’t the kind of airplane we all used to fold in school. It is made from heavy cardstock, using many laminated layers for strength. Properly adjusted and thrown it can fly a long ways. I would suggest going to a large open space, like a park, to test it out. When I flew it from my driveway I ended up retrieving it from my neighbor’s yards most of the time.

Materials you will need:

Download G-1 plans (rev. 2):

Once you have downloaded the plans print them out on heavy paper. Follow the directions to construct the plane. Once the plane is finished let it dry overnight. Then look here to see how to tune and fly your plane.

If you are interested in this sort of thing you might want to check out some of the Whitewings kits. That’s where I got my start from. Their designs are much more elegant than mine, and at least the kit I have came with a very nice booklet containing construction and flying tips.