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Handmade Knitting Needles

I previously mentioned yanaknits.com, a site started by my wife to teach people how to knit. She’s written instructions for all kinds of knitting projects, from a scarf and mittens to a soccer ball. Now she is collaborating with a friend to create hand-crafted knitting needles. They are bamboo needles with beautiful glass tops, lovingly packaged, and would make really wonderful gifts for anyone who enjoys knitting.

The glass tops come from Andru Anderson’s Kodiak Glass. Andru has been working with glass for about 8 years now, learning different styles and techniques and creating glass jewelry and art. He does a lot of torch work to create glass beads and small sculpture. He has also taught classes at the Bay Area Glass Institute. The small glass beads he created for the needles are gorgeous and unique.

Check out the store here!