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Optimizing for the App Engine Datastore

I’m finding that BlobProperties are a very handy way to optimize for the App Engine Datastore. The first iteration of my island map had a Map model, and a Tile model. It used entity groups, so one Map entity was the parent of 100 Tile entities. Nice and clean, and of course dog slow. You don’t want to be loading 101 entities with every request if you can avoid it.

I added some quick-and-dirty benchmarking to time the datastore calls and then tried several different approaches. The one I settled on was BlobProperties and pickle. Basically, my Map model has a BlobProperty which stores all the tiles in pickled format. When I load the map out of the datastore, I use pickle.loads() and before I save the map back, I use pickle.dumps(). This means that I only have to load a single entity out of the datastore to display a map.

Nice side benefit: My core game logic is now pure python, so it is really easy to work on it outside of app engine (or even django). This is handy when writing benchmarking tools, testing, and prototyping new algorithms.

Possible drawback: I think I will hit compatibility problems if I try to load old pickled objects after renaming python modules. If this becomes a problem, I plan to start pickling an intermediate format like a dict instead of full objects.